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{color:#578cca}GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.1.1, 12/2016{color}

Thank you for using GroundWork Monitor, created by GroundWork, Inc. This is the _Home_ page for the GroundWork Monitor 7 product documentation _Bookshelf_. This space contains product reference for _Operators_ regarding the use of system applications and other resources via the user interface, _Administrators_ who need to verify an installation, configure, customize, and maintain the system as part of its initial implementation or to manage the system, and for _Developers_ who may need to customize the system and refer to information in GroundWork Foundation which provides access to the underlying data in the GroundWork Monitor package.

Specific areas of reference include the following:



Unified Monitoring allows your entire application stack and infrastructure, virtual or physical, to be monitored. The focus here is on availability, performance, and event monitoring.{column}{column:width=30%}{column}{section}



Hybrid Cloud Monitoring focuses on API to API connectors. In order to create advanced functionality for simultaneous monitoring of multiple and heterogeneous virtual server environments subject to fairly rapid changes in configuration, GroundWork created GroundWork Cloud Hub and GroundWork Net Hub.



Monitoring data is great at quickly letting you know something isn’t right, while log data is great for forensic investigations and root cause analysis. Now you can combine both kinds of information with GroundWork’s Log Bridge and have combined structured unified monitoring data with unstructured log data.{column}{column:width=30%}{column}{section}\\

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