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h6. Contents

h4. 1.0 About Reordering Dashboard Pages

You can reorder the position of the dashboard pages displayed under the Dashboards option by editing the Node Name using the Portal Navigation option. The video and how to steps below outline this process.

h4. 2.0 How To Steps

# Log in to *GroundWork Monitor* as the {{{*}root{*}}} user.
# Hover over *Group* and select *Portal Administration* and *Portal Navigation*.
Figure: Portal Navigation
# Select *Edit Navigation*, right click on the *dashboard name to be reordered*, select *Move Up* or *Move Down* and repeat until positioned in the desired location. On the next screen scroll down and select *Save*.
Figure: Move up or down
# You can then open Dashboards to view the new placement.
Figure: Dashboards