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h6. Contents

h5. 1.0 About Adding a New User

Registered users are system accounts that have been setup to access the GroundWork Monitor system. Administrators can add new user accounts. New user accounts are automatically added to the group Users, and to the Membership type gw-portal-user.

h5. 2.0 How To Steps

# Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an administrator (e.g. {{{*}admin{*}}}/{{{*}admin{*}}}).
# Mouse over *Group* on the toolbar, highlight *Organization*, and select *New Staff*.
Figure: New Staff
# Within the *Account Setting* tab, enter the new user information, additional information may be added in the *User Profile* tab. Select *Save.* You should receive a message that you have registered a new account, select *OK*.
{Note}The length of the text in fields for _Password_ must be between 6 and 30 characters.{Note}
Figure: Account Settings
# To verify the addition of the new account, mouse over *Group* on the toolbar, highlight *Organization*, and select *Users and groups management*. You should see the new account listed. This is also the location in which you can edit a users account information including changing the password, and deleting a user.
Figure: User Management