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h6. Contents

This page reviews importing and exporting from and to files.

h4. Import from Files and Export to Files

h5. Import from Files

The *Import from Files* option allow you to import from nagios.cfg, cgi.cfg, and related files. This tool is for importing _Nagios_ configuration files from standalone _Nagios_ installations, to bring them under the _GroundWork Monitor_ umbrella. This is an infrequent action, not something you would perform regularly.
{Note}Nagios configuration files do not contain all the relationships stored within a _GroundWork Monitor_ configuration, so this is *NOT* a tool for restoring a _GroundWork Monitor_ configuration from a backup.{Note}

# Go to *Configuration* > *Tools* and select *Import from files*.
# Selecting *Import* will update or drop all configuration records in the _GroundWork Monitor_ "monarch" database.
{Note}Should you choose to continue, it is strongly recommended that you first select the *Backup* option.{Note}

h5. Export to Files

You can now *export* all the configuration files for viewing and debugging. These are valid configuration files which are downloaded to the directory {{/usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/htdocs/monarch/download}}.

# Go to *Configuration* > *Tools*, and select *Export to files*.
# The next screen shows a list of configuration files that are downloaded to the directory {{/usr/local/groundwork/core/monarch/htdocs/monarch/download}}. You can right click on each file and select *Save Link As* to save the file to a specified directory of your choice, or you can click on the file link which will display the file in a browser.
Figure: Exporting configuration files