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{section}{column:width=70%}{panel:title=Producing Reports|borderStyle=solid|borderColor=#ff9900|borderWidth=1|titleBGColor=#ffffff}This section reviews the various reporting options available in GroundWork Monitor.

For detailed information, expand !expand.jpg! *Reports* in the navigation pane;
* [About Reports|DOC70:About Reports]
* [DOC70:Reports How To's]

For additional reference see;
* [How to create a custom report using BIRT]
** BIRT's project page - [|]
** BIRT Tutorial - [|]
** Recommended text - BIRT A Field Guide to Reporting ISBN 0-321-442595-8
* [DOC70:Configuration Reports]
* [DOC70:Creating Performance Graphs]
* [Developer Reference>Configuring Insight Reports|DOC70:Configuring Status]{panel}{column}