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{panel}Thank you for using GroundWork Monitor, created by GroundWork, Inc.

This is the *Home* page for the GroundWork Monitor 6.7 Bookshelf. This space contains product reference for; _Users_ (operators) regarding the use of system applications and other resources via the user interface; _Administrators_ who need to verify an installation, configure, customize, and maintain the system as part of its initial implementation or to manage the system, and for _Developers_ who may need to customize the system and refer to information on GroundWork Foundation, which provides access to the underlying data in the GroundWork Monitor package.
* {color:#008000}What's new in GroundWork Monitor 6.7?{color}
(For a complete list of the latest features and functionality see the Release Notes in the [Support|SUPPORT:Release Notes] section of GroundWork Connect).
** {color:#008000}GroundWork Cloud Hub{color} \- Provides enhanced monitoring for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM and VMware vSphere
** {color:#008000}NoMa{color} \- A Notification Manager for agent-agnostic event notification and filtration
** {color:#008000}IPMI{color} \- Added as a new method for probing hardware, giving users a way to monitor hardware when it is not responding to higher-level network protocols like TCP/IP. Additionally, sub-OS metrics can be monitored (i.e. fan speed, CPU temperature, etc.).
** {color:#008000}Microsoft Monitoring{color} \- Enhanced and updated MS monitoring for Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft Sharepoint
** {color:#008000}Configuration Management Tools{color} \- Easier integration with Puppet, Chef, and CFengine
** {color:#008000}Multi-component Services{color} \- Improved visualization and reporting of complex, multi-component services
** {color:#008000}Automated Agent Registration{color} \- New GDMA client auto-registration capability
* If you have just downloaded and installed GroundWork Monitor we suggest starting with the section [Getting Started].{panel}