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h5. Overview

This page reviews how to configure internal GroundWork metrics and how to visualize internal metrics in Grafana.

h5. Steps

h6. Configuring internal GroundWork metrics

By default, internal GroundWork application metrics are gathered and stored in InfluxDB in the {{\_groundwork_metrics}} database. If you wish to turn this *off*:

# In the following directory:
# Edit the following file:
# Under the *Metrics Configuration* section, set the following:
{noformat}collage.metrics.enabled = false{noformat}
# Save the file.
# Restart GroundWork:
{noformat}/etc/init.d/groundwork restart{noformat}
{note}Other properties in {{}} beginning with {{collage.metrics}} can be used to control internal metrics gathering.{note}

h6. Visualizing GroundWork internal metrics in Grafana

A new data source will need to be created for the dashboard to be populated. In GroundWork Grafana, sign in as an Administrator and create a new InfluxDB data source called *GroundWork Internal Metrics*, pointing to the {{\_groundwork_metrics}} database.

# Log into GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., {{admin}}/{{admin}}).
# Go to *Dashboards* > *Grafana*.
# Log in as the Grafana Administrator by scrolling to the bottom of the page, hovering over the arrow icon !signin.png|alt="Arrow icon",title="Arrow icon"! and clicking *Sign In*. The default credentials are {{admin}}/{{admin}}.
# Click the gear icon !gear.png|alt="Gear icon",title="Gear icon"! and select *Data Sources*.
# Click the *Add data source* button.
# Create a new InfluxDB data source with the following parameters:
#* *Name*: (e.g., GroundWork Internal Metrics)
#* *Type*: InfluxDB
#* *URL*: {html}http://localhost:8086{html}
#* *Access*: Server
#* *Database*: \_groundwork_metrics
# GroundWork internal metrics dashboards are located in the directory:
# To import the metrics, change to the */usr/local/groundwork/grafana/scripts*&nbsp;directory and use the option:&nbsp;
{noformat}./grafbridge-control -import_dashboards /usr/local/groundwork/grafana/data/gwsupportdashboards/{noformat}
#* See {{grafbridge-control \--help}} for details. This utility is located in {{/usr/local/groundwork/grafana/scripts}}. You can enter {{./grafbridge-control \--help}} to view the built-in manual page.
# You can now [import|How to import, export, share, generate Grafana dashboards] and use the dashboard to visualize GroundWork internal metrics data.
#* The {{groundwork-internal-metrics.json}} file is stored in the {{/usr/local/groundwork/grafana/data/gwsupportdashboards}}&nbsp;directory.