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h6. Overview

Once your SLAs are established, edited and on dashboards, you can also export the data as CSV files, or just run a graphical report for the period you want. The {_}slareports{_} database is available for direct SQL queries as well, and can be used to create custom reports in a report designer.
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h4. 1.0 Generating SLA Reports

SLA reports provide a look at the contract items and show the time calculations of the different states of operation including OK, Warning, and Critical, and also the target availability and the actual availability for a specified time period. With the Report option you can output selected contract items to the UI or export by hostgroup to an .xml file.
# Select *Reports* > *SLA* *Reports*.
# Select the type of report you wish to generate, *Website Report* or *XML Report*.
# Select the predefined SLA *contract(s)* and click *Run report*.
Figure: Creating SLA reports
!01_bookshelf_sla_reports.png|alt="Creating SLA reports",title="Creating SLA reports"!