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h5. Overview

Holiday definitions Indicate a period of time a contact should not receive notifications. The Holiday option is only displayed for previously defined contacts.
_Holidays_ are applied in the _Contacts_ tab.

h5. Steps

# Go to *Configuration* > *NoMa*.
# Select the *Holidays* tab.
# Click the *Create* button on the right side of the screen, (select the pencil icon to edit an existing holiday).
# Enter the *holiday directives* as described below.
# Click *Create*.
Table: Holiday directives
|| Directive || Description ||
| Name | Name for holiday. |
| Start | Start day and time. |
| End | End day and time. |
| Timeframe | Sets time frame in which holiday is effective. |
| Contact | Sets defined contact associated with the holiday adding holiday to Contact's definition. |
Figure: Holidays tab
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