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h5. Overview

Contact groups are definitions of one or more contacts and can be used to send alert or recovery notifications to a group of contacts. Contact groups can be created for an area of expertise (e.g., _network-administrators_) or geographic location (e.g., _san_francisco-support_). When a host or service has a problem or recovers, _NoMa_, as configured, will find the appropriate contact groups to send notifications to and notify all contacts. These _Groups_ are applied in the _Notifications_ tab.

{note:title=Deleting Contacts Groups associated with Escalations}If you need to delete a contact group and it is associated with an escalation, you need to first delete the escalation, then delete the contact group. If you deleted a contact group that is associated with an escalation, this will cause a crash of the NoMa daemon and an error in the Debug Log.{note}

h5. Steps

# Go to *Configuration* > *NoMa*.
# Select the *Contactgroups* tab.
# Click the *Create* button on the right side of the screen, (select the pencil icon to edit an existing contactgroup).
# Enter the *contactgroup directives* as described below.
# Click *Create*.
Table: Contactgroup directives
\\ || Directive || Description ||
| Name (short) | Name of the contact group. \\ |
| Name (long) | Descriptive name. \\ |
| Timezone | Sets the time zone of the contact group. \\
NoMa makes use of the Perl DateTime::TimeZone to provide proper timezone support (including winter/summer time) and simplifies worldwide support for working hours , (e.g., _America/Los_Angeles_). \\ |
| Notification hours (Timeframe) | Sets the contact groups availability to receive notifications, (e.g., _24x7_). \\ |
| Do not send notifications (to members) \\ | If _checked_, contact group is a view-only group and notifications are not sent. The contact group is ignored while evaluating notification rules in response to incoming alerts. \\
If _unchecked_, notifications are sent to the contact group per notification rules. |
| Members | Sets the contacts to be included in the contact group, the individuals that will be notified. |
Figure: Contactgroups tab
\\ !bookshelf_01_how_to_configure_contact_groups_noma.png!