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h5. Overview

The default portal super user username is *root*. This account is used to configure the portal defaults and shared dashboards. There are times when a different username is appropriate for this account, such as when using LDAP authentication and the *root* username is restricted.

h5. Steps

# Change the *super.user* property in */usr/local/groundwork/config/* to the new username by adding the following lines to the end of the file:
# portal-configuration.xml setting for org.exoplatform.portal.config.UserACL
# super.user init parameter value. This setting and portal-configuration.xml
# synchronization is done on startup and when this file is modified. Once
# set, portal must be restarted for value to take effect.
super.user=<Insert new root user here>
# Run the following command to update the push the new setting into the portal:
source /usr/local/groundwork/scripts/
java -cp /usr/local/groundwork/jpp/modules/com/groundwork/security/main/groundwork-jboss-security-7.2.0.jar \
-superuser <Insert new root user here>
# Restart the portal:
/etc/init.d/groundwork restart gwservices