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h5. Overview

In order for GroundWork Monitor to build an external to be used by the GDMA client, it needs to be associated with a monarch group either individually or by hostgroup membership, so that it has a build folder specified where it will create the external the GDMA agent will use. When a GDMA host auto-registers, it is placed in the landing hostgroup group, {{Auto-Registration}}.

Once the host is in the {{Auto-Registration}} hostgroup, it becomes a member of the {{auto-registration}} monarch group, which has a build folder {{/usr/local/groundwork/apache2/htdocs/gdma}}.

If you remove a GDMA host from the {{Auto-Registration}} hostgroup, it loses it's association with the {{auto-registration}} monarch group, so an external file is not built for the host, and when the GEMA host next polls the GroundWork server and doesn't find one, the agent thinks it is decommissioned, and deletes it's external, and reverts to using {{gdma_auto.conf}}, which starts the auto registration process again.

h5. Steps

So if you do wish to move hosts out of the {{Auto-Registration}} hostgroup, you need to place it in another hostgroup, like {{gdma_configured}} for example, and this hostgroup then needs to be assigned to the windows and unix GDMA monarch groups, or modify "Auto_Register_Pass" and "Auto_Register_User".

# To stop auto registration, modify following lines in the {{gdma_auto.conf}} file:
{noformat}"Auto_Register_Pass = ""
"Auto_Register_User = ""{noformat}
{note}As explained above, setting {{Enable_Auto = "off"}} in the host externals file in the {{gwmon_<clientmane>.cfg}} will not stop auto registration. That said, you could leave the host in the {{Auto-Registration}} hostgroup, and assign the host to your other hostgroup at the same time.{note}