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h5. Overview

You can interact with embedded Grafana graphs in the Status application.

h5. Steps

# Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an *Administrator* (e.g.,{{admin}}/{{admin}}).
# Go to *Status*, select a *service* (e.g., {{local_load}}), hosts also offer graphs via _Host Availability & Performance Measurement_.
# Expand *Service Availability & Performance Measurement* to view the graph.
#* *Metrics* \- As the cursor is moved across the graph, values are shown for the underlying data. By default, warning and critical thresholds are rendered. To view graphs without these values, simply click a metric in the legend. Shift-select can be use to select multiple metrics.
#* *Zoom Region* \- Zoom in by creating a zoom region with the cursor, and zoom out with Control-z.
#* *Annotations* \- GroundWork events are represented as vertical dashed lines called annotations. Critical/Warning/OK events are in red/orange/green. Audit events for this service are in blue.
Animated GIF: Interacting with Grafana in Status
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