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h5. Overview

User accounts are managed by a GroundWork Administrator (e.g., {{admin}}/{{admin}}) and accessed from the toolbar option *Group* > *Organization*. The Portal Administrator (e.g., {{root}}/{{root}}) can also manage users.&nbsp;An Administrator can change the password for any user. In addition, any user may change their own system password by selecting the logged in user name in the upper right corner of the screen and choosing the&nbsp;Change Password&nbsp;tab.

h5. Steps

[VIDEO|How to change a users password^video_how_to_change_a_users_password.mp4]

# Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator (e.g., {{admin}}/{{admin}}).
# Hover over *Group*&nbsp;>&nbsp;*Organization*, and select *Users and groups management*.
# Within the *User Management* tab, select the *Edit* icon corresponding to the user account to change.
# Enter a check in the box for *Change Password* and type a *new password* (6-30 characters, letters, numbers, punctuation), select *Save*.\\ \\
Figure: Change password\\