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h5. Overview

Portal page administration is managed by a Portal Administrator (e.g., {{root}}/{{root}}) and is accessed from the toolbar option *Group* > *Site Editor*.

A Portal (e.g., GroundWork Monitor) contains Pages (e.g., Dashboards, Status, Event Console) which contain various Portlets (e.g., Status: Host Health, Host Information). The GroundWork Monitor portal is built using Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform 6 which means that you can build additional web pages to customize and extend the portal and manage user access control.

{warning}You cannot undo a portal page deletion. Contact GroundWork Support before removing a default portal page.{warning}

h5. Steps

# Log in to GroundWork Monitor as a Portal Administrator (e.g., {{root}}/{{root}}).
# Hover over *Group*&nbsp;>&nbsp;*Portal Administration*, and select *Portal Navigation*.
# Click the link for *Edit Navigation* to display the *Navigation Management* window.
# Locate and *right click* on the page to be removed.
# Select *Delete Node* and confirmed deletion.
{note}Make sure you are selecting the correct node. You cannot undo this deletion.{note}
# Scroll to the bottom and select *Save*.\\ \\
Figure: Delete node\\
!bookshelf_02_how_to_delete_a_portal_page.jpg!\\ \\
# Additionally your will need to delete the page itself, hover over *Group*&nbsp;>&nbsp;*Portal Administration*, and select *Page Management*.
# Locate the page title (you can use the search at the top), click the corresponding *Trash* icon to remove the page.
# Hover over *Site* from the toolbar, and select *Classic* to view the current portal pages.