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h2. Problem

It was observed that NeDi discovery could generate database-insertion errors if a module model name is undefined when retrieved from the device. The NeDi code copies the device description into that field. But that device description can be much longer than the maximum allowed field width of the model name in the database, and the copy/insert operation is not protected against such a limitation.

h2. Solution

The following are files are altered in this NeDi update:







TB7.1.1-3 replaces these with the fixed versions.

h2. {color:#000000}{*}Installing *{color}

# Download the .tgz contain the new files and the install script.
# Extract the contents of the .tgz file.
# Change access permissions to the TB7.1.1-3_install script (e.g. chmod \+x …) and execute script as root.

h2. Uninstalling 

# Download and run the uninstall script:
{color:#333333}The log file in the common/var/patches directory contains the record of all installs and uninstalls as you do them.{color}