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h1. GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1 Enterprise Release Notes

This document contains important information about the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.1.1 Release. While this information is not required to install or upgrade, it may be useful to know when examining the new features of GroundWork Monitor that have been added, and there is also useful information about resolved issues in some detail included in a table at the end. Note that in contrast to prior release notes, we aren't including any information about changes from prior releases. This document only discusses changes since 7.1.0.

{tip:title=How to install or upgrade}
The install instructions for this release can be found [here|SUPPORT:Installing or Upgrading to GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1] in the Knowledge Base.

This release of GroundWork Monitor fixes many existing issues, and adds several new features, mostly around usability and completeness of existing features. It is not a major upgrade in that we have not replaced or substituted any major components, but we have upgraded and updated, and added functionality to existing features.


h1. SECTION 1 -- Summary of new features and improvements in GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1

This is the paragraph to read if you don't plan on reading the rest of this document (TL:DR). We have updated the Cloud Hub, adding better organization, the option to name services yourself, and deeper monitoring for AWS. We have also polished several rough-edged features like the aliasing (Host Identity) and Blacklisting that are useful in Cloud Hub deployments. We did a major upgrade to NeDi, and added some features to make it more useful. We added a Hit List dashboard, and repaired and enhanced the Seurat View portlet.

We killed a lot of bugs and updated Perl, several libraries, and our HTTPS/TLS support, and closed all the security vulnerabilities we could find. We also prepared for a lot of new integrations and enhancements we will be adding in future point releases.

Overall we think this release will run smoother and be more fully functional than 7.1.0. Now, let's talk about the details.

h2. Cloud Hub 2.2

The CloudHub connectors have all been updated to support custom service names. This means you can change the service name from the dotted path variable name it has by default to something more meaningful to you and your staff. Note that changes to the names of services will affect the performance configurations, so make sure you copy those to the new service names you make.

The AWS connector has additionally been updated to support custom CloudWatch metrics. Anything you put into the CloudWatch API can be a service in GroundWork now. Also, the content has been re-organized to better represent the structure of monitored systems in the AWS cloud. There are better associations between the hosts (instances) it sets up and the EBS volumes it monitors, and the RDS assignments are also associated with the instances that use them.

The AWS connector now also supports assigning hostgroups in GroundWork with tag values in AWS.

h2. Security Improvements

Following multiple security reviews, we have updated several areas of system configuration focusing on the following areas:
* Weaker Cipher Suites

We have upgraded several libraries to enhance security and close specific areas of the above vulnerabilities. We now support HTTPS with TLS 1.2 only (by default), and use only strong ciphers. We have given Groundwork customers the ability to enable mod_security if so desired, hardening the server for customers in a high security environment.  Groundwork has taken the time to close known vulnerabilities related to the above bullets. We have also removed the "Manage Configuration" page from the Foundation Administration to prevent inadvertent configuration changes.

h2. New "Hit List" Dashboard

We included a new bespoke dashboard as a portlet application in 7.1.1. You will see it in the dashboard list in new installs, and you can add it as a shared dashboard after upgrade. See the [DOC71:GroundWork Portlets] page for details.

h2. Component Upgrades

With the release of GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1, many components have been upgraded to the latest available versions. The following list shows the new version of the key components that have been updated with the GWME 7.1.1 release:

* Perl 5.24
The distribution of Perl that we incorporate into the release has been upgraded from version 5.8.9 to version 5.24.0.
The structure of add-on packages that GroundWork includes, outside of the Perl Core, has been shifted. Previously, we used a *site_perl* path to deliver such packages. That made it difficult to distinguish the packages that GroundWork delivers from packages that a site might add later on. With the new Perl release, we now use a *vendor_perl* path to deliver such packages. This is standard practice in the Perl community for a vendor-supplied distribution. Modules which are later added by a site should continue to use the site_perl path as before, making it easy to identify such additions. Per modern Perl standards, the default @INC setting has been adjusted so it will search site_perl before vendor_perl, and vendor_perl before the Perl Core library locations.
A small set of additional Perl modules that we have historically found useful is now included in the distribution. Most notable among them is Devel::NYTProf, which is an excellent tool for profiling Perl programs.

* NeDi 1.6.100 release (plus patches)
The NeDi component in this release is enhanced with Policies, a powerful way to use NeDi to track when changes occur in your network, and to tell you about them. It also leverages this capability along with nfsen ([]) to monitor Neflow/Sflow traffic patterns, and display them using tabular and sankey graphics pages. There are other enhancements to NeDi discovery and monitoring, and we have added a NeDi import schema to the Automation section of GroundWork to facilitate rapid deployments. For those using NeDi monitoring, you can use the new (beta) NeDi feeder to send data to GroundWork displays.

* Cacti
Cacti is bundled with GroundWork 7.1.1 as with prior versions. It now includes three new Cacti plugins. Details of installation and use in the GroundWork context are provided in the [DOC71:Cacti Plugins] page.
*# Aggregate. For instructions, see the plugin home page at [] and the full manual at [].
*# Realtime. For instructions, see the plugin home page at []. Note the system-loading aspects of this plugin, as described in the [Usage section of the plugin's home page|].
*# Nectar. For instructions, see the plugin home page at [].

h3. GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents (GDMA)

The Linux GDMA agent installers included in GWMEE 7.1.1 have been upgraded to the GDMA 2.5.0 release, which has these improvements:

* TLS 1.2 support. As required by most audited organizations, TLS 1.2 support is enabled in GDMA 2.5.0. Note that you will need to transition your GroundWork 7.1.1 server to HTTPS, and then update the GDMA to this version and configure it (including adding certificates) to enable the more secure configuration. Earlier releases of GDMA that included HTTPS support restricted the protocol to TLS 1.0, so that older protocol must remain acceptable until all GDMA clients have been upgraded. See [DOC71:How to enable SSL support] and [DOC71:Using GDMA with HTTPS] for details.

GDMA 2.5.0 installers for the those platforms not upgraded and bundled into the 7.1.1 release will be provided separately, shortly after the 7.1.1 release is available.

h3. Some other minor enhancements:

* The {{}} plugin has been added to our distribution to allow the replay of resurectio scripts, which are an effective way of performing synthetic user testing on web applications.
* The Seurat View portlet used on the Enterprise View dashboard has been re-worked. While previously, items with non-ok states would flash for 15 minutes, the time that a given state change will cause the item to flash is now configurable. Also, the behavior has changed so that no items flash on initial load, but will begin to show the flashing state after the first update (one minute cycle). This means if you navigate away and then back to a dashboard with the Seurat view portlet displayed (e.g., drill down to a flashing host), then come back to the view, the flashing state may take up to 60 seconds to appear. For this reason we suggest drill down be done using a separate window or browser tab.
You can also now set the time that a "recently recovered" host stays green, as well as individual flash times for various states. See parameters related to {code}portal.statusviewer.seurat{code} in file {code}/usr/local/groundwork/config/{code} for details.
* The {{common/bin/sendEmail}} script has been upgraded to force the use of a TLS 1.2 connection if a TLS connection is supported by the remote end of the connection. See the {{\-o tls}} option on the command line for details.

h3. Important issues fixed:

* Archiving of data from the Foundation ({{gwcollagedb}}) runtime database into a separate archive database was inadvertently broken in the 7.1.0 release. That functionality is now restored in the 7.1.1 release. A principal benefit is that the runtime database is regularly kept pruned and small, leading to better system performance.
* The archiving process has been improved. It will now retain in the runtime database certain event markers which are important in creating host and service availability graphs, in spite of those markers otherwise being sufficiently old that they would have otherwise been purged.
* Tooling is available to recover such markers from the archive database and put them back into the runtime database, thereby restoring the ability to show availability data for hosts and services whose status has been stable for a long time.
* The VMware connector for Cloud Hub was responsible for a memory leak condition on some instances of Vcenter. This has been addressed in CloudHub 2.2.

h3. Some other minor functional issues fixed:

* The Nagios CGI Hosts screen and Service Detail screen were inadvertently broken in the 7.0.0 through 7.0.2 releases, in that the on-screen "Limit results" menu was not operative. This has now been corrected, and there is a configuration option for it (Nagios cgi configuration, CGI Content Options, Result limit).
* The display of plaintext config files under "Configuration > Tools > Export to files" was inadvertently broken in the 7.1.0 release. That is now fixed.
* The space available in the database for day-of-the-week time-period hours has been extended from a max of 255 characters to a max of 400 characters, to accommodate some unusually complex customer setups.


h2. Upgrade Issues

*HTTPS* \-\- Installations on 7.1.0 configured for HTTPS will be reverted to HTTP on upgrade. Your certificates will stay undisturbed, but you will need to re-do some of the HTTPS setup.

*RAPID Feeders* \-\- When upgrading to 7.1.1 the installer does not restore various RAPID/Feeder-based feeder files in the /usr/local/groundwork/config directory or symlinks in /usr/local/groundwork/logs. You will need to do this manually if you are using the Cacti or LogBridge feeders in non-default configurations. See the Post-upgrade tasks in the [Installing or Upgrading to GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1] page for details. \-\- GWMON-12764

*JBOSS Portal root user* \-\- The installer when upgrading to 7.1.1 does not restore any custom portal root user name definition that was in the file. See the Post-upgrade tasks in the [Installing or Upgrading to GroundWork Monitor 7.1.1] page for details.

*Log Bridge* \-\- The upgrade of a 7.1.0 system with Log Bridge installed has several post-upgrade tasks detailed in the following page: [Post-upgrade tasks for Log Bridge installations|SUPPORT:Post-upgrade tasks for Log Bridge installations]\\

h2. Limitations and Work-Arounds

*Noma* \-\- NoMa has around 1 minute latency in reporting notifications. This can be adjusted.

*Ubuntu* \-\- Running on Ubuntu 12.04 is not recommended because it will be EOLd by Canonical in April 2017.


h2. Supported Versions of GroundWork

GroundWork Monitor versions 7.0 and 7.0.1 are now end-of-life. Customers using older versions are advised to contact GroundWork Support regarding upgrade options.

GroundWork Monitor version 7.0.2 will be end-of-life with the next release.

h2. Linux Supported Versions

SuSE Enterprise Linux (SLES):

* Support for SLES 11 & 12
* Recommended version: SLES 12

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL):

* Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x is available as of this release.
* Recommended version: RHEL 7

Ubuntu LTS
* Support for Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 & 16.04 LTS releases.
* Recommended version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

h2. Supported Architectures

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise only supports installation on 64-bit platforms. Monitored nodes can be 32-bit or 64-bit but GroundWork itself must be deployed to 64-bit.

h2. Browser Compatibility

This version of GroundWork has been tested with the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer 10 & 11.


This section summarizes the individual issues fixed since release 7.1.0. There are a lot of these, but if you have seen one of them and opened a support case, you should have the associated issue key in that case, which you can use to cross reference here and know that it is fixed in 7.1.1.

If you are wondering about whether an issue you have seen is fixed in this release, open a case and we will be able to tell you specifically.

|| Key || Summary || Component/s ||
| GWMON-10533 | uninitialized variable $indexes in cacti's lib/plugins.php | NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-10553 | Please update to the latest version so it supports tls | Upgrades |
| GWMON-10694 | issue with plugin calling system OS Perl instead of GW Perl | Plugins |
| GWMON-10718 | GroundWork certificate directory wiped clean by upgrade without notice, breaks SSL-based plugins | Upgrades |
| GWMON-10752 | GDMA auto-registration creates externals in the wrong place if the Monarch Group does not exist | Configuration |
| GWMON-10767 | Service Availability bar graph does not correctly show state changes | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-11269 | Users created from AD with GWRoot role displays different privileges | Authentication/Authorization |
| GWMON-11496 | find_cacti_graphs fails after upgarding PERL framework to 5.18.2 | Configuration |
| GWMON-11498 | Perl applications throw errors after upgrading the PERL framework to 5.18.2 | Configuration |
| GWMON-11731 | pg_migrate_archive_gwcollagedb.sql must be extended to cover schema and content changes for 7.1.0 | Foundation |
| GWMON-11771 | GW702 + Found Service Availability & Performance Measurement Bars missing or none at all, for some if not most hosts. | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-11818 | Cacti feeder creates objects even if totally disabled | NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-12164 | syntax error | Plugins |
| GWMON-12204 | Archiving process can break Host Availability & Performance Measurement bar graphs | Foundation |
| GWMON-12334 | Upgrade OPENSSL library to 1.0.2d | Installer |
| GWMON-12349 | Views never finish loading, give error when new maps are loaded and old maps removed. | Nagvis |
| GWMON-12354 | Nagvis service "line" object does not display performance graph | Nagvis |
| GWMON-12370 | Search in status viewer only searches for strings starting with input characters | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12409 | Notification Rules created on NoMa UI are not populated in the NoMa database | Noma |
| GWMON-12424 | Renaming BSM Host/Service/HostGroup is not reflected on Status Viewer and Event Console | Foundation Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12451 | Dashboard database load script only effective from cron | Reports |
| GWMON-12471 | Mis-spelled words on the SLA page | Reports |
| GWMON-12478 | Notifications are not displayed under Configuration > NoMa > Logs | Noma |
| GWMON-12481 | Parent-Child setup fails after upgrading GW 7.0.2_P03 to GW 7.1.0 to 7.1.1 | Parent-Child Upgrades |
| GWMON-12486 | Access to RSTools Denied to User in Multiple Memberships | JBoss Portal |
| GWMON-12491 | Seurat view shows both hostnames of aliased hosts | Dashboards |
| GWMON-12502 | Noma sends endless stream of ack notifications | Noma |
| GWMON-12506 | BSM Available Members does not appear to accept BSM search and addition of BSM groups | BSM |
| GWMON-12508 | Nagvis does not displayEdit Options for Admin USer | Nagvis |
| GWMON-12523 | My GroundWork Health Group Health Portlet does not display correctly | Dashboards |
| GWMON-12559 | logrotate fails to rotate most logs in current distros due to security patch | Installer |
| GWMON-12584 | Selecting Host in the Event Console links you to host in Status View, Does not work for some hosts or Events. | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12585 | Some complex time periods can exceed allowed field length in monarch. | Configuration |
| GWMON-12586 | "local_process_gw_listener" red on localhost | Configuration |
| GWMON-12588 | Black List feature fails after one polling cycle when a regex is used | Cloud |
| GWMON-12593 | gw-config tool needs to be updated for 7.1.1 | Build Process Configuration |
| GWMON-12600 | Log Archive Fails in a 7.1.1 install | Archive |
| GWMON-12604 | On upgrade the Cacti scripts and other subdirectories containing customer additions are not preserved. | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12613 | Wrong validation message is displayed while creating "New Host Identity" with more than 63 characters | Administration |
| GWMON-12618 | NoMa says fields required for methods when they are not | Noma |
| GWMON-12619 | NoMa email method fails out of the box | Noma |
| GWMON-12621 | when creating shared dashboard "Service group health portlet" and "host health portlet" show "???" | Dashboards |
| GWMON-12622 | Build number mismatch on login and dashboard page | Dashboards |
| GWMON-12626 | Log bridge feeder leaks memory | Tools |
| GWMON-12629 | Error 500 is displayed when creating a downtime keeping "From" field empty | Configuration |
| GWMON-12639 | "sv.links.enabled" field under "/usr/local/groundwork/config/" file does not work as expected | Console |
| GWMON-12640 | "Search" filter works only one time for a tab in Event Console | Console |
| GWMON-12643 | Unable to search a host with its IP address on Event Console | Console |
| GWMON-12648 | Version 7.1.1 says version 7.1 on login page | JBoss Portal |
| GWMON-12652 | Attempt to add Hostgroup Icon to a Views map gets an error | Nagvis |
| GWMON-12655 | Can't assign Host to "Business Service Monitoring" under Business | BSM |
| GWMON-12658 | Default search in BSM group creation shows only services | Configuration |
| GWMON-12659 | Error appears during GW 7.1.0 to GW 7.1.1 upgrade | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12663 | Creating downtimes breaks Service Availability bar graphs | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12664 | upgraded 7.1.0 system resources tab links to the incorrect version | UI Layout/Theme |
| GWMON-12670 | Nagios host(same name as cloudhub host) gets removed from Status Viewer on creating a Black List record | Administration Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12673 | Upgrade GDMA SSL TLS libary to support TLSv1.2 in apache configration | GDMA |
| GWMON-12674 | Downtimes submitted in UI do not get processed | Tools |
| GWMON-12675 | 7.1 LDAP Custom Group Issue | LDAP |
| GWMON-12677 | Seurat view portlet displays flashing icons for scheduled downtime when the state has been stable (VMware) | Dashboards |
| GWMON-12679 | Unable to add services to a host with host name as FQDN | Configuration |
| GWMON-12683 | needs adaptation to current NeDi release | NMS - NeDi |
| GWMON-12684 | Acknowledged devices still showing as down in unscheduled down hosts | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12686 | Failed to negotiate authorization (status view unavailable) | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12687 | pg_migrate_gwcollagedb.sql fails to enforce CACTI applicationtype changes | Foundation NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-12689 | Cacti feeder overrides existing application-type data | NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-12690 | Host is in downtime, but does not show up in the downtimes list | Tools |
| GWMON-12691 | SOAP API appears broken | Reports |
| GWMON-12696 | "core/migration/postgresql/" script is not executed along with 7.0.2-P03 to 7.1.1 upgrade | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12697 | Status feeder appears to be consuming tokens and not releasing them | Status Feeder |
| GWMON-12699 | Unable to upload/import profiles if /usr/local/groundwork is a symlink | Documentation |
| GWMON-12704 | Monarch log file has wrong permissions before Commit | Configuration |
| GWMON-12706 | Upgrade 7.0.2 p2 -> 7.1.0->7.1.1 breaks graphs in views. | Nagvis |
| GWMON-12707 | does not handle the last second of the day, nor multi-day operation | Reports |
| GWMON-12710 | On upgrade from 702->7.1->7.1.1, recurring downtimes are lost if they had been set previously | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12712 | attempted display of plain-text Nagios config files results in Authorization Error | Configuration |
| GWMON-12714 | and are not properly backed up during an upgrade | Build Process Configuration Upgrades |
| GWMON-12715 | 7.1.0 to 7.1.1 upgrade does not replace login page | Build Process |
| GWMON-12717 | cleaning up "*7.1.1-SNAPSHOT*" files blocks Foundation startup | Foundation |
| GWMON-12720 | Monarch CGI code generates warnings under Perl 5.24.0 | Configuration |
| GWMON-12721 | GW 7.1.0 to GW 7.1.1 upgrade fails on SLES machine | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12728 | RAPID disallowing valid hostnames on service deletes | NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-12729 | Upgrade fails on portal login | JBoss Portal |
| GWMON-12732 | Security Issues Lenovo | System Performance |
| GWMON-12734 | upgrading doesn't preserve custom files in /usr/local/groundwork/nagios/sbin | Build Process |
| GWMON-12736 | Hostgroup add with custom group lacks scrolling | Administration |
| GWMON-12738 | Title on login page refers to "7.1.0" version | JBoss Portal |
| GWMON-12744 | Portal timeout instructions are wrong |
| GWMON-12747 | 7.1.0 (remote database) \-> 7.1.1 upgrade fails | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12748 | Passwords on GroundWork Licence page not saved post GW 7.1.0 \-> 7.1.1 upgrade | Upgrades |
| GWMON-12749 | "apache" not running for GW 7.1.1-br402-gw2994 | Installer |
| GWMON-12750 | Certain VMware hostgroups are present to add under CG but not present on Status Viewer | Administration |
| GWMON-12753 | unattended install doesn't populate config with hostname that it finds in attended install | Browser |
| GWMON-12754 | Some GW modules display error while accessing them | Nagvis NMS - Cacti NMS - NeDi NMS - Weathermap |
| GWMON-12755 | Cacti graphs not displayed for localhost on Status Viewer | Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12757 | BSM groups not displayed on Status Viewer/Event Console for SLES 11 machine | Foundation |
| GWMON-12758 | Configuration > Downtimes not working for SLES 11 machine | Configuration |
| GWMON-12759 | SSL Import Certificate not working |
| GWMON-12760 | LDAP portal root user credentials are not recognized when installing | Build Process Foundation |
| GWMON-12761 | Seurat view broken after upgrade | Foundation |
| GWMON-12762 | no longer works. Here's the fix. | Plugins |
| GWMON-12763 | Cacti feeder doesn't propogate api timeout issues back to feeder health service | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12765 | Various feeder supervise services are not backed up during upgrade | Build Process RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12766 | 711 Perl needs to include | Build Process RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12768 | Tightened /usr/local/groundwork/php/tmp permissions cause Cacti php errors | NMS - Cacti |
| GWMON-12769 | logbridge feeder needs some minor refactoring to work with new version of Perl | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12770 | httpd.conf is not updated, server certs are changed, in upgrade to 7.1.1 | Build Process |
| GWMON-12772 | LogBridge logbridge-groups.xml vaporized and not backed up during upgrade | Build Process |
| GWMON-12773 | race condition between de-dup and upgrade actions | Documentation Foundation Installer |
| GWMON-12774 | installer inappropriately copies jpp data like logs to jpp2 | Build Process |
| GWMON-12776 | Custom MIBs blown away on upgrade | Build Process |
| GWMON-12777 | Customizations to portal-groundwork-base.war portlet.xml blown away on upgrade | Build Process |
| GWMON-12778 | Default settings for SSL should include TLS 1.2 and strong ciphers | Configuration |
| GWMON-12786 | LogBridge gwevents_to_es feeder can get stuck trying to process a set of events when bulk send to elasticsearch fails | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12788 | Samples directory should be removed (Security issue) | Build Process |
| GWMON-12789 | "" not working for GW 7.1.1. | JBoss Portal |
| GWMON-12790 | NoMa dropping notifications with socket error | Noma |
| GWMON-12794 | Upgrade fails with a script error | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12795 | upgrade to 711 doesn't back up and restore php.ini | Build Process |
| GWMON-12796 | cannot add downtime for host or host group for certain users | Foundation |
| GWMON-12798 | Cert files exist in non-SSL install | Build Process |
| GWMON-12799 | SSL Instructions give error on files exisiting | Installer |
| GWMON-12802 | Some files need nagios:nagios ownership post GW 7.1.0 to GW 7.1.1. upgrade | Build Process |
| GWMON-12803 | "ntop" is displayed as not running for "service groundwork status" | NMS - Ntop |
| GWMON-12805 | ntop shared library error during upgrade | NMS - Ntop |
| GWMON-12807 | latest changes to not present after upgrading to 711 | Foundation |
| GWMON-12809 | "no version information available" msgs while building instance on parent in parent-child configuration on ubuntu | Parent-Child |
| GWMON-12810 | Cloudhub does not work after enabling ssl | Cloud |
| GWMON-12814 | "HTTP 500" Status is displayed while accessing Performance and Availability graphs for "localhost" on Status Viewer |
| GWMON-12819 | SCOM feeder : foreach ... qw( a b c ) construct no longer works in 5.24 Perl | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12820 | does not migrate SCOM feeder master conf | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12821 | logbridge feeders master confs need updating for fresh installs to work with 711 | RAPID Feeders |
| GWMON-12826 | NeDi Access Notice: You're not authorized for this\! | NMS - NeDi |
| GWMON-12832 | Upgrade Grafana/OpenTSDB to operate in 7.1.1 as well as it does in 7.1.0 | Grafbridge |
| GWMON-12833 | Unable to create parent-child setup on sles-11 machine | Configuration |
| GWMON-6028 | Auto-discovery failed because of Can't call method "as_xml" on an undefined value | Auto Discovery |
| GWMON-6093 | Discrepancies in number of Moose Perl module and its dependencies on Fresh Install and Upgrade | Build Process |
| GWMON-8598 | auto discovery gives error in log file when (172.28.113.*) is scanned | Auto Discovery Build Process |
| GWMON-9540 | Auto Discovery does not discover windows 2003 hosts | Auto Discovery |
| GWMON-9734 | nmap scans fail agsint windows due to unescaped ampersand in xml oputput | Auto Discovery |
| GWMON-9901 | the /usr/local/groundwork/nagios/libexec/ script makes incorrect assumptions about the interface number | Plugins |
| GDMA-402 | Link to install GDMA with HTTPS is not updated after GDMA install with HTTPS | Build Process |
| GDMA-57 | Linux GDMA has bad rpath, and the 64-bit version has bad lib paths. | Linux |
| GDMA-43 | RHEL5 64-bit GDMA fails with LWP/ not found error | Linux |
| CLOUDHUB-330 | "Host Availability and Performance Measurement" shows error for "Network View" hosts of AWS | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-329 | HostGroup Tag Name' text field enables after 'Test Connection' operation | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-327 | Incorrect validation message for 'Service Name' field on GroundWork Administration > GroundWork Cloud Hub | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-326 | Cloud-Hub VMware - VCenter Memory Leak when polling with Cloud Hub | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-325 | Connection Retries field accepts negative values of no significance(-2 to \-99) | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-322 | "Host Availability and Performance graph" shows error for "Network hypervisor" hosts of VMware | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-317 | Docker Engine Thresholds get removed from Status Viewer, 10-15 minutes after connection is created | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-313 | Virtual Machine thresholds (Ceilometer) do not change their states when thresholds exceeded | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-312 | Cloud Hub AWS Availability Zone View gives same exact metrics as Network View | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-311 | Events for Docker Metric "diskio.io_service_bytes[0].stats.Write/Read" are displayed even when the metrics are deselected | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-310 | CloudHub Docker connection fails to validate for GW 7.1.1 | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-308 | AWS connector creates a host with no services with name of region | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-307 | Amazon connector times out | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-306 | Custom metrics do not get deleted when custom view is de-selected | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-305 | VMware CloudHub connection with GroundWork failed | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-304 | VMware connector reports on an unselected metric | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-303 | VMware connector has metrics in profile that do not show up in Status | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-302 | VMware connector metric is mislabeled | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-300 | Docker connector fails to detect containers running in Docker 1.11.2 | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-299 | Docker connector does not update list of running containers unless restarted | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-298 | Upgrade VMWare Connector to use VSphere 6.0.0 SDK | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-297 | EBS and RDS metrics are not imported in EC2 Connector | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-296 | Re-work EC2 Connector for Cloud Hub | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-294 | TEST CONNECTION' functionality breaks on adding certain special characters in 'Server Name/URL' | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-293 | Unable to modify data/settings for attributes under 'Controller thresholds' for NetApp connector | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-291 | Amazon connector adds prefix to hostnames which is inconsistent with what is configured and what is reported | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-290 | Cloudhub needs to synchronize inventory regularly to detect system updates | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-289 | VMWare connector metrics for syn.vm.mem.guestToConfigMemSize.used and unused always show 0 or 100 % | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-288 | VMWARE and Netapp Hosts and services become unreachable after a few hours | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-286 | vmWare 6 connection reports all host and services as unscheduled critical even if the values don't pass threshold | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-285 | Merge Icinga2 CloudHub Connector Branch into 7.1.0 Trunk | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-282 | VMware cloudhub throws error on test, "Server connection failed\! Ensure that Groundwork server is up and running." | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-275 | NetApp connector Monitoring Profile page displays incorrect headings | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-274 | Netapp connector only displays one volume | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-216 | Adding fourth vCenter connection in cloudhub gives http status 500 error | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-139 | does not appear in the cloudhub configuration UI | Cloudhub |
| CLOUDHUB-138 | summary.quickStats.overallCpuUsage for guest instances uses the threshold values for host instances | Cloudhub |


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