GWME-7.2.1-00 Rollup Patch Installer

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The Rollup Patch installer is a cumulative patch, and is a step closer to the "continuous deployment" method of updating. The patch installer is intended to be used independent of Technical bulletins, though some Technical Bulletins may depend upon the Rollup Patch already having been applied, and some of the code we supplied in Technical bulletins originally may be superseded in a given version of the Rollup Patch. Generally, we recommend applying the rollup patch first, then looking at the Technical bulletins and applying them as needed. It only includes code, not data, and does no scripted updates, so for some things you will still need the Technical Bulletins, as they can apply scripted updates, and make configuration changes.

Since it is a cumulative patch, you need only install the latest version - there is no need to install each version of it sequentially. The Rollup Patch Installer is also reversible - it makes a backup of everything it changes, and you can use a simple process to reverse the updates it makes.

  • You will need a short downtime window, as the Rollup Patch Installer stops all GroundWork services for update.
  • You will also need root user access to the GroundWork server.
  • You will need to know the postgres user password for the database.
Installation Steps
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  1. Transfer the Rollup Patch installer to your GroundWork server, and place it in an empty directory.
  2. Log in to the command line on the GroundWork server and become root in that directory
  3. Type:
    chmod +x

    The installer will ask for the postgres user password. It will then stop, patch and restart the groundwork services.

Rollback Steps

Hopefully you will not need to roll the changes back. If you have any issue after the patch, please let GroundWork Support know as soon as you can. We do extensively test each change, and we do integration and system tests on each Rollup, but we recognize you may need to get back to where you were.

  1. Log in to the command line on the GroundWork server and become root.
  2. Change to the backup directory, e.g.:
    cd /usr/local/groundwork/backup-gw4006
  3. Execute the rollback script:

    You will once again need to provide the postgres user password.

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