My performance graphs all stopped working. What's wrong?

The performance graphs are processed from data harvested from the Nagios system (or any other system that places data in the right place). They can fail to update if:

  1. The configuration changes to disable them in some way
  2. The system becomes overloaded (runs out of resources)

If the system is overloaded, there will be other issues, such as high latency in the User Interface, in the Nagios system, disk full messages, in the system console, etc. In this case the graphs may be "spotty", or partially complete, but have gaps where no data is present.
To correct this situation, you will probably want to tune the system. Be sure to check the System Planning Guide (available here: to make sure you are operating your system within recommended parameters.

If the system suddenly stops updating the graphs, and there are no other issues (like no more disk space), and you just made a configuration change, then it's likely you need to fix the change to the configuration that inadvertently disabled the graphs. Here is a process to follow in this case:

I restored from a backup, and now my graphs do not work...

Did you restore from an older version?

You might need to run the migration script. See How do I restore configuration backups?

Did you use the "Load" command (Configuration -> Control -> Load)?

You may have encountered an issue where the system could not determine the appropriate command type to use to process the performance data. In this case, please check the following:

For version 6.x of GroundWork and above:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Commands -> Modify. Find the "launch_perfdata_process" command.

    Make sure the Type is set to "Other".
  2. Go to Configuration -> Control -> Nagios Main Configuration
  3. Click "Save and Next" twice, to get to Page 3
  4. Make sure the option "Process performance data:" is checked
  5. Verify the remaining settings look like this:

The field called "Service performance data file template" is not fully visible. The contents are:


Notice the last setting for "Service performance data file processing command:". The drop down list will only contain commands of type "other", which is reset by a Load operation.

The Load operation is normally used only to import existing Nagios configuration files. You should not need to do this on a regular basis - it is typically a one-time operation.


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