How to configure methods

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Individual notifications are configured in Methods. The name of a method definition is associated with a command, contact and in some instances a sender. The system defaults for each method are listed in the table below. Methods are applied in the Notifications tab.

  1. Go to Configuration > NoMa.
  2. Select the Methods tab.
  3. Click the Create button on the right side of the screen, (select the pencil icon to edit an existing method).
  4. Enter the methods directives as described below.
  5. Click Create/Save.

    Table: Methods directives
    Directive Description
    Name Name of method, e.g., E-Mail, Growl, SMS
    Command, Contact Field, Sender (method defaults) E-Mail: Emails are sent using the standard system mailer, you may need to configure your mail relay to accept mail from the system.
    (Command: sendemail, Contact: email, Sender: root@localhost, Fallback method: none, Acknowledable: No)
    See How to enable sendEmail to work with TLS.

    Growl: Growl notifications are sent using an included script, it requires the Perl module Net::Growl and by standard it uses UDP 9887 by default. After install, allow notifications from network, optional require password from LAN, server only requires Perl module Net::Growl as stated earlier. Client, depending on OS, requires an extra client: Mac: Linux: Windows:
    (Command: growl, Contact: growladdress, Sender: none, Fallback method: none, Acknowledable: No)

    SMS: SMS alerts are sent via an attached SMS-capable modem using smstool3 or an iSMS/SMSFinder hardware device.
    (Command: sendsms, Contact: mobile, Sender: none, Fallback method: none, Acknowledable: No)

    Voice: Voice alerts are generated with an Asterisk (or Starface) soft PBX.
    (Command: voicecall, Contact: phone, Sender: none, Fallback method: none, Acknowledable: Yes)

    Voice + E-Mail fallback: Voice alert with email method fallback.
    (Command: voicecall, Contact: phone, Sender: none, Fallback method: E-Mail, Acknowledable: Yes)

    Voice + SMS fallback: Voice alert with SMS method fallback.
    (Command: voicecall, Contact: phone, Sender: none, Fallback method: SMS, Acknowledable: Yes)
    Fallback method Method used if first method returns an error. This is currently only used by the voicecall plugin, to provide fallback to SMS or Email.
    Acknowledgable Any method that is configured as acknowledable will cause the escalation chain to end, typically only voice should use this method as E-Mail and SMS provide no guarantee that a message has been received and understood.

    Figure: Methods tab

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