How can I completely disable Automated Agent Registration?


Q: How can I completely disable Automated Agent Registration?

A: To stop all Automated Agent Registration requests from succeeding you can disable the processing.

  • In the /usr/local/groundwork/config/ file, you can set:
    enable_processing = no

    Example default configuration:

    # ====================================================================
    # GroundWork Distributed Agent Registration Configuration Parameters
    # ====================================================================
    # Whether to process anything.  Turn this off if you want to disable this
    # process completely, so auto-registration is prohibited.  This option is
    # turned on in the default configuration file because the standard values
    # are reasonable for most installations, so we don't feel it is necessary
    # to block auto-registration until it is locally configured.  To get the
    # software to run, it must be turned on here once the rest of the setup is
    # correct for your installation.
    # [yes/no]
    enable_processing = yes


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