How do I change the set of checks for a host being monitored by GDMA?


Q: How do I change the set of checks for a host being monitored by GDMA?

A: Modify the monitoring checks as you would for any other host — for instance, adding new service checks. Just make sure that each new host-service has associated externals applied to the host-service by the time you are done with your modifications, to define things like the command to run on the GDMA host. That way, the GDMA host will find out what it needs to do to perform the desired monitoring.

Once your changes are done, build externals (to make the changes available to the GDMA host), then run a Commit (to let Nagios know that the set of configured checks has changed). Soon thereafter, the GDMA host will discover that its cached copy of the externals file is out-of-date, and it will download a fresh copy and begin monitoring according to the new setup.

About 5 minutes after the Commit operation (per the setting of the Service performance data file processing interval, on page 3 of the Control > Nagios main configuration), Nagios will start the performance-processing script. Performance data will start to be processed again, which will pick up any new checks for the host, create new RRD files if necessary, and make graphs for new metrics available in Status viewer.


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