Can I change the form of the hostname the client has been registered under?


Q: Can I change the form of the hostname the client has been registered under?

A: You can rename the host within Monarch (Configuration > Hosts > hostgroup > host > Detail > Rename). After doing so, go to Configuration > Control > Build externals, to rebuild the externals file using the modified hostname. After some time, the GDMA client will recognize that its externals file is no longer available on the server under the old name, and that will eventually cause it to exercise the auto-registration logic. At that time, the client should be recognized by the auto-registration request as being already in Monarch (given that the IP address has not changed, even though the hostname did), and the new name will be returned to the client for further operations.

  • If need be, you can speed up this process by bouncing GDMA on the client after the externals are rebuilt on the server, see the How to stop and start services page describes the various platform-specific commands used to start and stop the GDMA client. It will take about 10 minutes (one Poller_Proc_Interval) for the auto-registration to occur on the client.
  • Of course, you will need to run a Commit operation (Configuration > Control > Commit) for Nagios to understand that the hostname has changed, so it doesn't start dropping the data for this host on the floor.
  • Renaming an existing host like this is subject to a caveat, namely that in the current release of GroundWork Monitor, performance data collected under the old hostname will not be transferred to the new hostname. The old data still exists, but it is stored in RRD files using the old hostname, while new performance data will be stored in RRD files using the new hostname. We don't currently have a utility to merge the old data into the new RRD files.


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