What is the role of profiles in Auto Registration?


Q: What is the role of profiles in Auto Registration?

A: When the client makes an auto-registration call to the server, it passes along a small amount of information about the client system, including the configured Auto_Register_Host_Profile and Auto_Register_Service_Profile values. The foundation/scripts/registerAgentByProfile.pl script on the server is called to validate the host attributes, add the host to Monarch, build externals for the host (based on whatever externals were attached to the host profile, or to the services attached to the service profile(s), and return the final hostname. Building externals means that the associated host and service externals are collected together, processed via possible macro substitution, and written to a location where the client can pick them up.

The host profiles will form the basis for configuring new auto-registered GDMA hosts running the respective operating-system types. You are not required to use these profiles; the GDMA client installer allows you to select an alternate host profile and an optional service profile to be applied on the server to the auto-registered client's configuration. Also see the default_host_profile setting in the /usr/local/groundwork/config/register_agent.properties file.


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