How can I speed up auto-registration?


Q: How can I speed up auto-registration?

A: Regarding auto-registration processing, if an auto-registration request doesn't yield any positive results, the poller won't keep banging on the server every iteration, it waits for at least an hour before trying again as the interval is currently hardcoded.

To speed things up for testing, especially to avoid the initial 10-minute wait before the first auto-registration attempt after the poller starts and finds it has no local copy of the host configuration file, you will probably want to set the processing interval to 60 (which is one minute).

To change the directive go to Configuration > Hosts > Host externals > Modify > gdma-linux > Poller_Proc_Interval = "60". If you do change this value for testing, be sure to change it back (typically to 600) for production use.

If auto-registration fails on a given attempt and you don't want to wait the extra hour for the following attempt, just bounce GDMA on the client machine, the How to stop and start services page describes the various platform-specific commands used to start and stop the GDMA client.


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