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{Note}Avoid spaces or slashes in the distinguished name of the bind account, and $ or # in the bind account password. These characters can result in situations difficult to troubleshoot where bind attempts from groundwork GroundWork fail but with a command line tests succeed.{Note}
* (Optional) Roles in the portal for desired access levels
* (Optional) A container and groups set up to match roles in the portal
Similarly, if you wish to designate operators or administrators from among the Active Directory users, you should create groups named *GWOperator* and *GWAdmin*, and add your users to these groups. It is recommended that you place these groups in an alternate organizational unit (see above for Recommended LDAP Setup section).

{Note}In previous versions of GroundWork Monitor, the default role names were _Admin{_}, _Operator{_}, _Admin_, _Operator_, and _User_. These generic names often conflicted with default group names in Active Directory, and so they were changed as of GroundWork Monitor 6.2. If you are using a system upgraded from before 6.2 to 6.2 or later, you must change the group names in Active Directory, and add new roles to the GroundWork Monitor portal to match the Group names. The *GWAdmin* role (formerly _Admin_) is special, and you can't grant the same rights to another role. Please use the *GWAdmin* role for your administrative users. If you need to have this role name changed, please contact GroundWork Support.{Note}

This example assumes that you have created the organizational unit *GWUsers*, and that you have added your users to groups in this *OU*.