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Although the simple example above can be made to work with some limited applications, the default schema definition provided with GroundWork Monitor is slightly more complicated, and should be used for processes that need to synchronize host and service profile data with the configuration database. Specifically, the default schema definition uses the following column layout, with each field separated from its neighbor by a pair of semi-colon characters:

{code}name;;alias;;address;;description;;parent;;profile;;service profile;;service{code}

{Note} A host record must include a hostname and IP address field in order for the record to be associated with a specific device. If an input record does not contain both of those pieces of data then the record will be interpreted as an update to the previous record, and the data that is present in the current record will append or overwrite the data collected from the previous record. This model is intentional, and allows multiple discovery methods to add supplemental profile data or fill in host data with additional details as the data is discovered.{Note}