Installing or Upgrading to GroundWork Monitor 7.1.0

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* Some customers have additional add-on integrations installed (e.g., Cloud Connector, Ganglia Integration, AlertSite Integration, Webmetrics Integration, ServiceNow Integration, JIRA Integration, other helpdesk integrations). Special considerations apply in those cases. If these or other integrations or extensions were provided by GroundWork Professional Services, you must contact GroundWork Professional Services for advice. Otherwise, contact GroundWork Support for details.
* If your system had the NMS version of Cacti or NeDi installed on 6.2 or earlier, special care must be taken during the upgrade to ensure that the password information is correctly handled. Specifically, the access credentials from the original configuration files must be brought forward so they are accessible during the automated data-migration process. The places where you need to deal with this are noted below.
* Also in the case of upgrading from a very old system which has the unbundled NMS version of Cacti installed, you may run into difficulty migradting the Cacti database, due to schema differences with the bundled version. Contact GroundWork Support before your upgrade begins for help in this situation.
* PostgreSQL-compatible NMS integrations (NeDi, Weathermap, and ntop) are now included in the main GroundWork installer. A separate download and install is no longer needed for these components.
* Custom Dashboards from GroundWork Monitor 6.x will not port to GroundWork Monitor 7.x during an upgrade. This is due to the different versions of JBoss in GroundWork Monitor 6.x and 7.x., any custom Dashboards will be lost during an upgrade and would need to be recreated.{note}
# *Final Pre-Upgrade Backup* --- Download the latest version of the backup utility and make a full backup of your installed system, as described in the [Backup utility description|DOCDEV:How to perform a full system backup]
The latest version of the backup utility (gw-backup-br339-linux-64) includes several improvements to the backup process. Please follow the instructions in the +[+Backup utility description+|SUPPORT:Backup utility]+ before executing an upgrade.
The latest version of the backup utility (gw-backup-br339-linux-64) includes several improvements to the backup process. Please follow the instructions in the [Backup utility description|DOCDEV:How to perform a full system backup] before executing an upgrade.
# *Upgrade a Remote PostgreSQL Database* --- If you were previously running a Remote PostgreSQL database, that component must be migrated first.
{info:title=Troubleshooting Advice}
The most common reason we have seen in testing for a failure to access the monitoring system UI at this point is that the user's browser is retaining some data that is not automatically cleaned up by the new release. If you have trouble accessing the Configuration screens in the user interface, try logging out, clearing your browser cookies and cache, and logging back in again.{info}
* Establish non-default passwords for all of the standard GroundWork-supplied user accounts listed in the [_Default Login Information|#default_login_information|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\||] Information_ subsection above.
* Configuration of enabling SSL and integration with LDAP has changed in the 7.0.1 release. See [the SSL instructions|DOC70:How to enable SSL support] and [the LDAP instructions|DOC70:How to AD and LDAP configuration] for details. If either of these situations applies to you, take care of those setups now.
* If you have GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents (GDMA) in play, the GDMA clients periodically refresh their externals files from the server. But immediately after the upgrade, those externals files are now effectively gone from the server. (They were backed up, but they're not in the production directories at this time.) To regenerate the externals files so you don't get stale check results from GDMA clients, run a "Configuration > Control > Build externals" operation.