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This section covers the _GroundWork Monitor_ *Reports* page which provides various monitoring and management reports including *BIRT Report Viewer* which include Availability, Event, Performance and Status reports, *Performance View* which displays graphs of any and all performance data collected by the system, Insight Reports including *Alerts*, *Notifications*, and *Outages*, and *SLA Reports* that enable you to configure SLA's and run reports based on measured items. *Custom Reports* are also discussed, these enable you to create, modify, generate, and distribute custom monitoring reports using the _BIRT Report Designer_ tool.


h4. 1.0 BIRT Report Viewer
SLA reporting provides information on monitored elements availability to ensure quality of service. A scheduled system maintenance downtime is something you probably wouldn't want to include in the overall calculations of a report.

See [How to generate SLA Reports|DOCDEV:How to generate SLA reports] .