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h4. 1.0 About Group, Site Editor, and GroundWork Administration

Group, Site Editor, and GroundWork Administration make up the various areas the GroundWork Monitor portal is administered. The *Group* option is used to manage the organization including user accounts, groups, memberships (roles) and also to manage portal permissions, *Site Editor* is where portal pages are managed, and *GroundWork Administration* is where administrators can manage GroundWork Monitor components such as the Foundation database, Custom Groups, and GroundWork CloudHub. It's important to note that Group options are available to only *GWRoot* and *GWAdmin* memberships, Site Editor options to only *GWRoot*, and GroundWork Administration options to *GWRoot* and *GWAdmin* (with the exception that Foundation that is only accessible to *GWAdmin*). These permissions are further outlined below under [#System Authentication Levels]. *GWAdmin*). 
Users are associated with groups and memberships (roles) which determine system access privileges. GroundWork Monitor does not prevent multiple users from simultaneously modifying the same data element such as Configuration, Reports, Hosts, Host Groups, and Services.

h5. 3.2 Portal Administration

This option enables an administrator to manage the Application Registry where you can set access permissions for categories and portlets, Page Management for adding and editing pages, Site Export/Import, and Services Management.
For Portal Administration reference see [JBoss Portal Platform 6.1 Administration and Configuration Guide|https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/JBoss_Portal_Platform/6.1/html/Administration_and_Configuration_Guide/].

h4. 4.0 Managing Portal Pages and Layout using Site/Group Site and Group Editor

The *Site Editor* link located in the top toolbar has three sub pages, _Add New Page, Edit Page,_ and _Edit Layout._ The Site Editor is accessible to the membership *GWRoot*.
h4. 5.0 Managing GroundWork Components using GroundWork Administration

The *GroundWork Administration* option located on the main toolbar offers administration for Foundation, CustomGroups, CloudHub, and GroundWork License. The GroundWork Administration options are accessible to the membership *GWRoot* and *GWAdmin* (with the exception that Foundation that is only accessible to *GWAdmin*). For step by step reference see the *Administration How To's* section under [Managing GroundWork Components].

h5. 5.1 Foundation
A Custom Group is a collection of host group or service group objects at the user interface level. You can see that the current monitor status gets bubbled-up to the top from the host groups and service groups. Custom Groups allow for more freedom to group business functions, locations, or infrastructure setup (e.g. workstations, servers, services) and make them more user accessible. This is very useful if you have a certain batch of servers attached to an array of servers. And, custom group are more useful from the system manager perspective too, as the administrator does not have to worry about the problem on the segment he doesn't administer. A host group or service group can be a member of multiple custom groups.

Custom groups are managed, through an administrator (GWAdmin), using the GroundWork Administration page.  These groups are integrated into the Status and Event Console applications and are available to all users independent of their role membership. View restrictions by membership for host and service groups will be honored by the custom groups. If a custom group includes only host groups that are not visible through a user then the custom group won't be displayed in Status. When creating custom groups you should always use the bottom up approach as shown in the figure below. For step by step reference see the Administration How To's section under [Managing Custom Groups].