Managing Hosts

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# At this point there are no services selected for our example Host _Printer_Scanner_Fax_. If we had selected a profile from the first screen you would see associated services listed. However, you can still select a profile or select individual services to apply to this host. Let's select the profile _snmp-network_, and click *Add Profile*. A list of all services will be displayed that are now associated with the new host. Here you can also modify and discard any services. Additionally, you can add individual services from the list. Select *Next* to go to the last screen. You can select *Save as Profile* to save the new host as a profile that can be used in the creation of other hosts, or just select *Continue*. At this point you may want to go ahead and create a few more new hosts. If you need to change any of the definitions, from the _Configuration_ page select *Hosts>Hosts>HostGroup>HostName>Detail*. You will be in the _Manage Host_ screen.
Figure: Host Properties 3
h4. Deleting Multiple Hosts