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*Services* \- A definition is used to identify a service that runs on a host. A service can be an actual service that runs on the host (POP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.) or some other type of metric associated with the host (response to a ping, number of logged in users, free disk space, etc.). A service incorporates multiple definitions (service template, check command, command line, service dependencies, service extended info, and service groups. This section will take you through the process of defining a new service, cloning an existing service, searching existing services, and viewing a list of available services. You will need to start with any listed prerequisites. The figure shows how a service and other related components tie together.
*Service Groups* \- A definition is used to group one or more services together for the purposes of simplifying notifications. When a service goes down, becomes unreachable, or recovers, _Nagios_ will find which service group(s) the service is a member of, get the contact group for each of those service groups, and notify all contacts associated with those contact groups.