Changing Database Passwords in GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition 6.3

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h1. {toc}

h1. Background

As delivered, the MySQL engine and the various databases are controlled by user name password pairs, which exist in the main “mysql” database and in properties files referenced by executed modules.

The main ‘root’ access to the ‘mysql’ engine is password protected, if the customer follows instructions at install time.  While customer may not set this as a matter of convenience, our consistent recommendation is always to install a root password. The procedures for setting this password, resetting it, or recovering it are all thoroughly described in the on line Resource. by MySQL documentation, e.g.

The subject of this How To article covers the procedure for changing passwords for users of the included databases to some other values.
# ## Host and User{code}
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localhost, monarch{code}
# jbossportal
## Files{code}
## Host and User{code}
localhost, jboss{code}
## Sample change in file{code}