Tech Tip 9 - Send Downtimes Programmatically

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h5. Overview

In groundwork, downtime submitted only to the Nagios command pipe does not appear in the general Downtime user interface. This page reviews how to submit a host and service downtimes into GroundWork Monitor via the REST API, using the Linux command line, and have it appear in the Configuration > Downtimes screens to validate and audit. This solves the problem of adding all legacy downtimes from an older installation to a new one, and allows you to automate adding downtimes to both a primary parent and any standby servers at the same time, thus keeping them from other tools, or other groups in sync. your organization who don't otherwise need access to GroundWork.

We decided to make this functionality available via a shell script, so it should be pretty clear what's going on - just look at the script. It assembles a downtime request and sends it to the API, properly formatted. Suggestions for improvements are of course welcome.