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The installer will stop GroundWork services, ask for the db user password, then patch and restart the groundwork services.
# Check to see that the patch got installed. If the run of the patch installer ends with lines similar these:
Waited 55 of 60 seconds for GroundWork installation to stop...
Waited 60 of 60 seconds for GroundWork installation to stop...
Unable to stop GroundWork installation.

GroundWork processes running:
30174 30172 nagios pts/4 15:51:44 00:00:00 bash
Restarting crond.
then the patch did not get installed. In a situation like this, the list of supposed GroundWork processes shown has blocked the installation of the patch, because the patch installer cannot be assured that there will be no interference from such processes. In the particular case shown, there is a user logged in as {{nagios}}, running the {{bash}} shell. This is not a GroundWork process per se, but the patch installer cannot tell the difference. To successfully install the patch, you must get rid of all the processes listed, and then re-run the patch installer.
# Once the patch installer has successfully run to completion, you should find lines like this at the end of the indicated file, showing that the patch has been applied:
% tail -3 /usr/local/groundwork/Info.txt
patch_version= 7.2.2
patch_gw_build= gw4127
patch_installation_date= 05/09/2022 04:02 PM

h5. Rollback Steps