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h5. Problem

GroundWork systems which originally started operating using GWME GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.1.0 and earlier releases, and have since been upgraded, missed a few portal changes that were included in a fresh 7.1.1 release. These changes were made in preparation for future development, and their absence did not cause any evident failures at the time. However, the 7.2.1 release depends on those changes in order to provide the "Dashboards > Grafana" and "Dashboards > Hit List" menu items.

Separately, a few portal menu-item ordering changes appeared in the GWME 7.2.0 release, and those changes were not covered by either an upgrade to 7.2.0 or a direct upgrade from 7.1.1 to 7.2.1.

{info:title=Page Access Permissions}
The pages supporting the new Grafana and Hit- list menu items will be created with certain GroundWork-standard access permissions. Customers in the habit of modifying such permissions might wish to reach into the portal setup after the Technical Bulletin is applied, and make adjustments to the access permissions on those pages in much the same way as they have done for certain other portal pages. That possible step is noted for completeness, but however the procedure for doing so is beyond the scope of this Technical Bulletin.

tar xf TB7.2.1-01-portal-changes.tgz
# Change into the directory created by untarring:
The install script will test that you are on a 7.2.1 system (which is required), that you have not already installed this patch, and that you want to go ahead.
# The install script requires the GroundWork UI root user and password to make its changes; enter those values when prompted.
{note}The credentials requested are those that are locally present in the portal's own database. You must specify the root user which is a portal administrator, with a gw-portal-administrator membership, and is a member of the /GWRoot portal group (there is only one which could have been renamed). If you are using LDAP or Active Directory, those are not the credentials to use here.{note}
# A backup will be created for uninstallation. The {{gwservices}} component will be shut down during this part of the processing, to guarantee that the backed-up databases will be internally consistent.
# Updated scripts will be copied into place, and {{gwservices}} will be restarted.