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* *Poller_Service="gdma_poller"* \- This parameter controls the name of the service to send poller messages under, defaulting to {{gdma_poller}}. You can change this to another service, possibly combining it with the service for _Spooler_ messages (_Spooler_Service_) to direct all _GDMA_ messages to one service instead of two.
* *Poller_Status=On/Off* \- This controls whether the poller generates the status messages at all. If you turn it off, that host will not generate these messages. You should remove the {{gdma_poller}} service from the host in this case.
* *Spooler_Service=On/Off/Updates* \- *Spooler_Status* \- This controls whether the spooler sends status messages, and, if so, when. If it's off, no spooler messages will be sent. If it is on, you will get a message each time the spooler runs, which is every 30 seconds by default. If you set it to Updates, it will send you a message only if there has been an error, or something has changed (such as a recovery from an error). _GDMA_ sets this to _Updates_ by default.
* *Warning_Threshold, Critical_Threshold=(integer percent)* \- Applied to the poller, these control when you will get notified that there is a problem with the poller chewing up more than the indicated percentage of its cycle time to perform a single check. That situation is something you probably want to know about, since it means you may be trying to check too frequently, or to check too many services. Remember, _GDMA_ is designed to use very little CPU resources, so it has some built-in waits, and (except in multi-host mode), it actually does not perform checks in parallel. If you are getting close to the limit and you can manage it, you can change these thresholds from their defaults (60 and 80 percent) to cut down on false positives for these services.