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The combined GroundWork Monitor 6.7.0 and GDMA 2.3.0 and newer releases, contain support for a the GDMA client auto-registration capability. This facility is designed to allow hosts monitored via GDMA to be automatically added to the central server, with very little effort by the administrator. Automated Agent Registration was implemented to reduce the administrator's burden when adding many GDMA-monitored hosts to the monitored infrastructure. Many of the simple tasks are highly automated, allowing the administrator to concentrate more on exceptions and the overall monitoring design. 

When Automated Agent Registration is active, each new GDMA client makes an auto-registration request to connect to GroundWork Monitor and receives its marching orders. GroundWork Monitor validates the request, corrects the submitted host attributes if necessary, adds the host to the configuration if it is not already there, builds an externals file containing the details of the monitoring checks the client should run, and finally returns the validated hostname (or error messages) to the client. Refer For more information please refer to [Quick Start Auto Registration].

h4. 2.0 Use Cases and Application Notes