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However, Cacti also has its own separate user accounts and access controls, which are independent of the GroundWork Monitor controls. More specifically, Cacti only has a single predefined administrative user account, with the username of "admin" and the password of "admin". Furthermore, most of the built-in web pages are unrestricted, and do not require any authentication. If you want to restrict access to the Cacti web server or some of its web pages, you may need to create the appropriate user accounts and access controls within Cacti.

{Note}This process is separate from the process of determining which users have access to the "Cacti" item in the GroundWork Monitor main menu. For information on configuring user access to the "Cacti" menu item, refer to the "Configuring Roles" section of the Administration [System Administration] documentation.{Note}

h5. 2.2 Managing User Accounts