Converting RRDs - 32-bit to 64-bit architecture migration

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* On the 32-bit architecture:
mkdir -p /tmp/rrd
cd /usr/local/groundwork/rrd
ls *.rrd | xargs -i rrdtool dump {} {}.xml
for i in *.rrd; do /usr/local/groundwork/common/bin/rrdtool dump ${i} /tmp/rrd/${i}.xml; done
tar czf /tmp/rrd.dumps.tgz /tmp/rrd/*.xml
** Then copy the tgz of the xml files over to the 64-bit system
* On the 64 bit architecture:
tar xzf rrd.dumps.tgz -C /
cd /usr/local/groundwork/rrd /tmp/rrd
ls *.xml | xargs -i rrdtool restore -f {} {}.rrd
for i in *.xml; do /usr/local/groundwork/common/bin/rrdtool restore -f ${i} /usr/local/groundwork/rrd/${i%.xml}; done
chown -R nagios.nagios /usr/local/groundwork/rrd
chmod -R 644 /usr/local/groundwork/rrd
rm -Rf /tmp/rrd