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{section}{column:width=75%}{tip}Want to become a GroundWork Certified System Administrator?{tip}
A GWCSA certification is earned when you demonstrate the core system administration skills required for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise. Here are the details:
* Self-paced comprehensive two-part exam; 100 questions and a hands-on lab.
* The exam takes about 5-10 hours to complete, students are given one week to submit certification for review.
* A score of 90% on the true/false and multiple-choice questionnaire and correct completion of the hands-on lab is required to pass the certification.
* Exam results are returned within 5 business days of completion.
* The exam is administered the first week of every month, you may register via email at: {html}<a href="mailto:beckles@gwos.com">beckles@gwos.com</a>{html} or {html}<a href="mailto:hkriel@gwos.com">hkriel@gwos.com</a>{html}{column:width=25%}