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*Shared Dashboards* are comprised of system default and customized views of monitoring data and other content that are visible to all users unless otherwise specified. The *Dashboards* option is used to view shared dashboards. These dashboards are created using *Site Editor* > *Add New Page* and can only be created by the {{{*}root{*}}} user. The example video and how to steps below demonstrate how to create a new shared dashboard page.

h4. 2.0 How To Video Steps

{html}<iframe width="800" height="450" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>{html}

h4. 3.0 How To Steps

# Log in to *GroundWork Monitor* as the&nbsp;{{{*}root{*}}} user.
# In preparation of our dashboard go ahead and create two host groups one called *San_Francisco* and the other *Oakland* adding a few hosts to each group. Don't forget to commit your configuration change. Also, go to the *Views* application and obtain the URL to one of the available views, (_Views > select a view > right click > This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab_) > copy and save the URL somewhere for later use.

h5. 32.1 Creating a dashboard page

# Hover over *Site Editor* and select *Add New Page*.

h5. 32.2 Setting up the layout

# Select *Empty Layout*, and *Next*.

h5. 32.3 Adding portlets

# Next, choose the *Applications* tab.

h5. 32.4 Configuring portlets

Now we'll add specific information about our portlets and web application. Below, we outline how to configure the first portlet and then go ahead and do the same for the other two. In the IFrame portlet you'll need to obtain the URL of the View you capture earlier.