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h5. The Visualization Tier

The top tier in the _GWM_ architecture is the _Visualization_ tier, which contains the web applications that are used to display data managed by the _Collection_ tier. There are a dozen or so web applications included in _GWM_ by default, a primary component in this tier is the _JBoss Portal_ framework and as mentioned previously the _JBoss Portal_ unites _GWM_ web applications into a common presentation framework. For detailed information regarding _JBoss_ go to [Open Source Reference>Boss Portal Platform 6|JBoss Portal Platform 6].

_GWM_ includes several applications that are integrated into the basic package. For example, _GWM_ includes a status viewer application that provides an overview of a specific host or service by incorporating data from multiple sources, including summary information from the _Foundation_ database, graphs from the RRD subsystem, and log messages from events that are stored in _Foundation_. In addition, the status viewer also includes controls that allow the user to manipulate and probe the _Nagios_ view of the target resource by way of the _Nagios_ control interface.