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This is the *Home* page for the GroundWork Monitor 7 product documentation "Bookshelf". This space contains product reference for; _Users_ (operators) regarding the use of system applications and other resources via the user interface; _Administrators_ who need to verify an installation, configure, customize, and maintain the system as part of its initial implementation or to manage the system, and for _Developers_ who may need to customize the system and refer to information on GroundWork Foundation, which provides access to the underlying data in the GroundWork Monitor package. If you have just downloaded and installed GroundWork Monitor we suggest starting with the section [Getting Started]. Additionally, you can find various GroundWork videos on YouTube, go to: [https://www.youtube.com/user/groundworktv|https://www.youtube.com/user/groundworktv]

h6. {color:#008000}What's new in GroundWork Monitor 7?{color}

* A score of 90% on the true/false and multiple-choice questionnaire and correct completion of the hands-on lab is required to pass the certification.
* Exam results are returned within 5 business days of completion.
* The exam is administered the first week Monday of every month, you may register via email at: {html}<a href="mailto:beckles@gwos.com">beckles@gwos.com</a>{html} or {html}<a href="mailto:hkriel@gwos.com">hkriel@gwos.com</a>{html}{column:width=25%}