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# Added support for dynamic synthetic metrics
Previously, new synthetic metrics would need to be specified for each instance of a dynamic resource (currently this is limited to a volume ID). The connector now allows such synthetics to use macros to represent the dynamic volume IDs as "{{VolumeID}}", so that newly added volumes will get the metric automatically. For example:
{code}<metric serviceType="storage" name="volume-{{VolumeId}}-read-write-ops-sum" monitored="true" graphed="true" warningThreshold="2000" criticalThreshold="2500" computeType="synthetic" sourceType="storage" format="%.0f" expression="EBS.{{VolumeId}}-VolumeReadOps + EBS.{{VolumeId}}-VolumeWriteOps" description="Example of dynamics in synthetic metrics""/>{code}
description="Example of dynamics in synthetic metrics""/>{code}
# Support for VPC name
VPCs in AWS are represented as host groups in GroundWork. These are now reported by VPC Name, as opposed to the more arcane VPC ID. There is no longer a host resource object created for each VPC, as the utility of that object was questionable and it did consume a licensed host entry.