GWME-7.2.1-11 GroundWork Iframe Portlet Display Issue Repair Patch

Version 5 by Hans Kriel
on Apr 15, 2019 08:59.

compared with
Version 6 by Hans Kriel
on Apr 15, 2019 20:26.

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at the bottom of the screen is transient, it disappears once the page is loaded. There may be issues with loading if the refresh interval is smaller than the time required to load a very big dashboard (Grafana dashboards are popular).

However, what the error message is indicating is that the top-level portal decoration content, (including the banner and menu bar), is no longer displayed. This has been confirmed visually. While true, it is also evident that the page URL is unchanged. Refreshing the page brings the portal back.

Just before the message above is rendered, a "Loading" alert interstitial dialog is displayed. It was not immediately clear where this alert was originating. One thing worth noting is that the IFrame content is fairly heavy and might indeed be taking time to render.

*Issue One* To repair, a new portal-groundwork-base.war renders IFrame using innerHTML instead of the previous method document.write(). Document.write can replace the entire document if executed after page is loaded. This explains what the customer might see: likely it is a client-side timing/race issue.

*Issue Two* To repair, the "Loading..." alert dialog issue follows timeouts on busy connections/servers for portal ajax calls made when selecting tabs/panels on pages where these are defined. The new patched portal.war file to be installed in the /usr/local/groundwork/jpp/gatein/gatein.ear directory suppresses the alert for these calls to the server. Modifications were made to iframe.jsp. Other portlets that rely on this code have been screened and found to perform as before the change.
h5. Uninstalling

Reversal of this patch will remove the changes made to the GW server by restoring the previously backup backed up files. This will ensure that changes unrelated to this patch will remain undisturbed. You will not lose page content. However the symptoms addressed by the patch will probably reappear.

# As the {{root}} user, navigate to the patch-unpack directory you created when installing the patch, (if that directory no longer exists, first unpack the patch again).