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on Jun 19, 2018 13:55.

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Version 10 by Bren Eckles
on Sep 11, 2018 15:12.

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# Unzip the tarball:
{noformat}tar zxvf TB7.2.0-2.tar.gz{noformat}
tar zxvf TB7.2.0-2.tar.gz
This will create the sub-directory TB7.2.0-2.
# Change to the TB7.2.0-2 directory:
{noformat}cd TB7.2.0-2{noformat}
cd TB7.2.0-2
# As {{root}} user run install:

h5. Uninstall rollback steps

# As {{root}} user, in the Technical Bulletin directory (e.g., TB7.2.0-2) run uninstall:

{note}This Technical Bulletin creates a backup for the uninstaller in {{/usr/local/groundwork/backup/nms-rstools}}. If this is removed, the uninstaller will not run.{note}