GWME-7.2.0-3 Importing RRDs

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h5. Solution

To address the problem above, we are providing an updated *{{grafbridge-control}}* {{{*}grafbridge-control{*}}} script file.

h5. Installation steps

# Download the *{{TB7.2.0-3.tar.gz}}* {{{*}TB7.2.0-3.tar.gz{*}}} tarball below and place in an accessible location on your GroundWork Server.
# Unzip the tarball:
{noformat}tar zxvf TB7.2.0-3.tar.gz{noformat}
This will create the sub-directory TB7.2.0-3.
# Change to the *{{TB7.2.0-3}}* {{{*}TB7.2.0-3{*}}} directory:
{noformat}cd TB7.2.0-3{noformat}
# As {{*root*}} user run install:

h5. Uninstall rollback steps

# As *{{root}}* {{{*}root{*}}} user, in the Technical Bulletin directory (e.g., *{{TB7.2.0-3}}*) {{{*}TB7.2.0-3{*}}}) run uninstall: