GWME-7.2.1-02 Nagios Feeders

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# As {{root}} user, copy the attached tar to an empty directory on the server to be patched.
# Unpack the tar using the command:
{noformat}tar xf TB7.2.1-02-nagios-feeders.tgz{noformat}
tar xf TB7.2.1-02-nagios-feeders.tgz
# Change into the directory created by untarring:
{noformat}cd TB7.2.1-02-nagios-feeders{noformat}
cd TB7.2.1-02-nagios-feeders
# Run the installer script:
The install script will test you are on a 7.2.1 system (required), that you have not already installed this patch, and that you want to go ahead. A backup will be created for uninstallation, the two feeder Perl scripts will be copied in to place, and gwservices will be restarted giving you a short (3 minute) outage of portal access (monitoring will continue undisturbed).
# The timestamp issue requires a setting:
{noformat}send_actual_check_timestamps = true{noformat}
send_actual_check_timestamps = true
which is not in the {{ file}}. This is allowed for ease of upgrade, the status feeder on not seeing that option will assign it the default value (true) to match the most common use case. Users wishing to set the value to false (forces all timestamps to be whatever time the server decides is correct) must add that line to their local {{}} and restart gwservices.

# As {{root}} user, navigate to the unpack directory created when installing the patch.
# Run the uninstall command:
The two files installed (feeders) will be replaced with those saved by the installer backup. GroundWork gwservices will be restarted, incurring a short (3 minute) interruption in portal access (monitoring will continue uninterrupted).