Remote Database Installation

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# On your database machine, look at the {{/etc/hosts}} file. Make sure that the database-machine name(s), qualified and/or unqualified as will be known by the GroundWork Monitor server, are defined using an IP address accessible from the GroundWork Monitor server, and not something like {{}} instead. If it is not there, you *must* add it, or the database may not be accessible on the external interface.
# Decide where you want the {{/usr/local/groundwork/}} directory to reside. See the [Disk Layout|Installation Options#Disklayout] instructions for your options and how to exercise them.
# Download the installer (e.g., {{}}) {{}}) to the database machine.
# Make the installer executable:
chmod +x
# Run the installer on the database machine in either text or GUI mode. An unattended-mode install won't work, because you need to answer certain questions to get the remote database configured properly.
# ./ ./
# After some preliminaries, the installer will ask what parts of the GroundWork Monitor product should be installed. For a remote database server, you want *only* the PostgreSQL database component. Do not select the GroundWork Monitoring server.